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The Teacher's Guide offers resources for social studies educators to integrate Native American history into school curricula. The guide includes five film-specific sections with post-viewing questions, plus activities designed to foster student understanding of the important themes and issues that make Native history an essential part of American history.

Teachers will find the following textbook helpful in teaching this material:
R. David Edmunds, Frederick E. Hoxie, and Neal Salisbury
The People: A History of Native America.
Boston: Houghton Mifflin Co., 2007.


In the ReelNative section of this website, two of the short films, “Metropolitan Rezervation” by Randy Kemp and “Bad Indians” by Thomas Ryan Red Corn, contain explicit language. This Teacher’s Guide does not make reference to those particular films, though it does incorporate other ReelNative pieces. Teachers are advised to preview all materials before using them in the classroom.

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